Hello and welcome to my company, Sensationery. I am a stationery obsessed girl and I have created a sensational line of stationery to inspire young people at school and at home. 

I also love fitness and anything to do with sports and want to encourage young people to do more exercise with my fitness related products and videos. Sensationery work in partnership with Just Strong and PoketGymGlobal, two companies that share our ambition of creating strong, confident girls who will be the leaders of tomorrow.

Here at Sensationery, we want to encourage you to move to the beat of your own drum. The world today is full of copiers and followers, but we want you to be you, bravely. Be flamboyant; be confident; be unconventional. Our products are designed to stand out from the crowd.

Sensationery is all about positivity. Successful people find inspiration in the achievements of others. So, go on, tell your opponent that they have played well. Tell your classmate that their project is stupendous. Don’t wait for opportunities to come to you: create them. Dream it. Wish it. Do it.

Susanna x


Susanna Thompson, Founder & CEO