Like most young people today, I am concerned about ensuring that we do not destroy our environment and have a healthy, beautiful planet to pass on to our children.

Developing a sustainability policy has not proved easy, as a lot of our products are made from plastic and packed in plastic. We are doing what we can and so far, we have come up with these ideas:

  • We make products that help the environment, for example our water bottles which are re-usable.
  • We use recycled products whenever we can source them.
  • We minimize our packaging and try to avoid cardboard.
  • We are a paperless company and embrace cloud storage.
  • We work remotely, so our employees do not have to travel.
  • We embrace energy efficiency in our work environment.
  • We are looking to locally source as many of our products as possible. (local suppliers, feel free to contact us!)
This is just a start, and if you know of any other ways that we can reduce our impact on the environment, please email us at